From the CARS Magazine Archive: 1970-1/2 Baldwin-Motion SS-454 Phase-III Camaro Road Test

Dateline: 7.25.11
Chevrolet’s 427 big-block engine grew to 454 cubic-inches in 1970 and Joel Rosen, “Mr. Motion” was right on it!

CARS Magazine used to publish special edition “annual” magazines covering the full range of the Detroit muscle car and street scene. For those of us that were following the offerings from Detroit, it was a cool way of comparing cars. The statistics pages were pretty simple: engine size, transmission type, rear, brakes, suspension, general, and performance.

While it was no secret that CARS was the unofficial house organ for the Baldwin Motion Supercars, the road testers seemed fair in their accessments. I have the 1070-1/2 edition of “Supercars,” although the cover is long gone. And I have the ‘71 edition of Supercars.

Since the muscle car party was pretty much over by ‘72, I don’t recall if there was a ‘72 edition of Supercars.

Below is the road test featured in the ‘71 Supercars edition, covering the Baldwin Motion SS-454 Phase III Camaro. Enjoy! - Scott

Click the images to see the BIG versions.

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